Zing Ballyhoo
Gender: Male
Location: Treehouse Lobby (for a month at a time, then leaves to get new prizes)

Zing Ballyhoo is a Famous Panda that is currently located in the Treehouse Lobby standing in front of his tent. Each Monday night, he gives out a new prize that you can get by collecting 10 Golden Tickets. These tickets will appear in random rooms at random times.

Once the player have collected 10 Golden Tickets, they may talk to Zing Ballyhoo at the Treehouse Lobby and he will ask them if they would like to trade the tickets for this weeks mystery prize or 500 coins.

Prizes Edit

Week Prize
1 Woodman's Hat
2 Sombrero
3 Rice Hat
4 Tropical Island Background
5 Gold Color
6 Purple Pants
7 Gold and Blue Scarf
8 Gladiator Helmet
9 Star T-Shirt
10 Golden Shoes
11 Maroon Beret Hat
12 3-D Glasses
13 Snowman Snowglobe
14 White Shoes
15 Japan Headband
16 "Good Luck" Cat Background
17 Brown Panda in Kimono
18 Chinese New Year Hanging Lantern
19 Valentine Heart-Shaped Glasses
20 Sky Blue Pants
21 Purple Paint
22 Blue and Yellow Star Beanbag
23 Yellow and Blue Star Beanbag
24 Blue Mohawk
25 Blue Animated Yellow Star Curtain
26 Cinco de Mayo Background
27 Golden Dollar Necklace
28 Blue Waist Floaty
29 Shark Hat
30 Zing Ballyhoo Background
31 Camera
32 Zing Ballyhoo Rain Hat
33 Zing Ballyhoo Sandals
34 Sparkle Z Shirt
35 Dark Blue Paint
36 Joker T-shirt
37 Purple Masquerade Mask
38 Joker Hat
39 Joker Background
40 Green Headphones
41 Retrostyle Background
42 Orange Headphone Sweater
43 Rainbow Peace Headband
44 Spirally St. Patrick's Party Hat
45 Green Clover Glasses
46 Zing Ballyhoo-Themed Balloon
47 Zing Ballyhoo-Themed Slippers
48 Bumble Bee T-shirt
49 Bee Headband
50 Bee-Striped Shoes
51 Bumblebee Shades
52 Tropical Toucan Background
53 Binoculars
54 Wooden Walking Stick
55 Brown Explorer's Hat
56 Yellow Construction Helmet
57 Under Construction Background
58 Safety Goggles
59 Hammer
60 Silver Moon-Heart-Star Necklace
61 Autumn Leaf T-Shirt
62 Red Leafed Indian Hat
63 Thanksgiving Turkey Rug
64 Pink Snowglobe Helmet
65 Blue Snowman Shirt
66 Snowman Nose
67 Snowball
68 St. Patrick's Shirt
69 Rainbow Umbrella Hat
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