Winter Festival 2011

The party's logo.

The Winter Festival 2011 is a party on Pandanda that started on December 15th, 2011 and will end on January 3rd, 2012. A large tree was placed in Bear Hollow with a present under it that said "do not open until December 25th".

Stocking stuffersEdit

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As with most parties, you got an item to collect things with, this time it was a stocking, and with this stocking you could find items to put in it and then turn them in to Chilly for prizes.

Types of stocking stuffersEdit

  • Candy cane (red, green, orange, pink)
  • Present (blue, red, green, yellow, pink)
  • Peach



  • December 20th, 2011 was deemed "Snowman Day" and Sheriff Steele was meetable.
  • Mr. Elmhurst sold items for your treehouse again.
  • New Year's Day falls during the festival.
  • The background of your text was changed to red, instead of white, for this festival.