The monster, as it appears in the Haunted Hallway.

The Monster of the Haunted Hallway is the monster in the Haunted Hallway that appears every few minutes. It is unknown if it is friendly to other pandas and what its personality is.

Details Edit

  • Gender: ????
  • Name: Unofficial "The Monster of the Haunted Hallway"
  • Color: ????
  • Seen As: A Shadow

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that he/she owns the Haunted House and lives there.
  • During a specific quest, he/she is not alone in the hallway, but Jasper the Ghost is there.
  • The Monster of the Haunted Hallway made a cameo in the October 2010 clothing catalog, when the Halloween costumes were added, the monster could be seen in the background of the monster mask page.
  • The Monster may actually scare pandas who have seen it for the first time. Many pandas calm down after the first meeting however some might stay away from the room.