Pandanda Map

There are various rooms in Pandanda, along with Bear Hollow and East Market Street. Some areas are accessible through the Map. Other rooms have to be on foot, such as Clothing Co. and Book Nook.

Map Accessible RoomsEdit

This List provides every Map-Accessible Rooms in Pandanda.

Room Image Notes
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Map
  • Paige can be found here.
  • First area to visit.
  • Potions can be bought from Paige.
East Market Street East Market Street Map
  • Cans/Bottles can be sold to Steve McClean.
  • Fruits/Vegetables can be sold to Tammy Tomato
West Market Street West Market Street Map
  • Jewels can be sold here.
Shady Glen Shady Glen Map
  • Cans/Bottles can be sold to Lisa.
Fishing Hole Fishing Hole Map
  • You can Fish near the Lake.
  • Fish can be sold to Joe.
Pawthorne Forest Pawthorne Forest Map
Treehouse Lobby Treehouse Lobby Map
  • Members can open their Treehouse to the Public. Opened Treehouses can be found in the Directory.
The Orchard The Orchard Map
  • Fruits can be collected on the trees.
  • Vegetables can be collected on the ground.
Darby Field Darby Field Map
Coconut Beach Coconut Beach Map
  • Coconuts can be collected.
  • Scrolling-map.
  • You can Fish here.(Must be on the edge of the water)
Harvest Grove Harvest Grove Map
  • Scrolling-map.
Farmer Ned's Barn Farmer Neds Barn Map
  • Eggs(Quest Item) can be collected from the Chickens.(Hover over them)

Walk-To RoomsEdit

A List of all Walk-To Rooms
Rooms Notes
Book Nook

The Big Scoop

Clothing Co.
  • Accessible from East Market Street.
  • Fitch can be found here.
  • Pandas can buy clothes in the Catalog.
  • Pandas can sell clothes here.
The Den
The Purple Door
Pet Shop
Misty Hill
The Parlour
Haunted Hallway
  • Accessible from The Parlour's secret entrance.
  • Secret Room.
Map Accessible Bear HollowEast Market StreetWest Market StreetShady GlenPawthorne ForestTreehouse LobbyThe OrchardDarby FieldFishing HoleCoconut BeachHarvest GroveFarmer Ned's Barn
Walk-To Book NookThe Big ScoopClothing Co.The DenThe Purple DoorPet ShopMisty HillThe ParlourHaunted Hallway

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