List of potions that have been/are avalible for everyone:

  • Dragon Tears - Grow Big - 15 coins
  • Ghost Leaf - Go invisible - 15 coins
  • Mouse Hair - Become tiny - 15 coins
  • Mega Bunny Potion - Become a giant bunny (Only available at the Easter Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza) - during the Easter egg hunt, you could trade in two eggs for one of these potions. It was avalible for everyone.
  • Haunted Potion - Turn into a ghost (Only available at the Pumpkin Festival 2010)
  • Turbo potion - Become about 3-5 times as fast as normal - It was prize during the Harvest festival 2010. Also, there was a glitch where everyone could buy it for two coins, but this was quickly fixed. Currently you can buy it for 15 coins (elite members only)
  • Snowman potion - Turns you into a snowman - it was a prize during the winter festival 2010 and 2011.

Elite member potions:

  • Bunny potion: Turns you into a bunny. 15 coins.
  • Snizzle Fizzle potion: Puts you in a bubble. 15 coins.
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