Mr. Elmhurst
Mr. Elmhurst
Gender: Male
Species: Panda (chocolate brown)
Location: West Market Street

I'm looking for old furniture for my workshop. As my Grandpa used to say "A little paint and a little glue and this old junk's as good as new!"
— Mr. Elmhurst

Mr. Elmhurst is an old, brown panda that resides on West Market Street. He will buy your old furniture.

Trivia Edit


Mr. Elmhurst and his cart

  • During Holidays, he will sell furniture for your Treehouse.
  • In October 2010, his role was replaced by Farmer Ned, who sold pumpkins for the treehouse. This also meant that, since Ned is a farmer, the Eyeball T-Shirt from 2009 did not return.
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