Halloween '10 is an event that happened on Halloween 2010. It was confirmed that Henry and the Moderators will once again appear.

Cauldron of Prizes Edit

  • The Potion: Haunted Potion (5 pieces of candy)
  • The Color: Black (Elite Only, 25 pieces of candy)
  • The Pumpkin Hat (25 pieces of candy)
  • The Pumpkin Body (50 pieces of candy)
  • The Eye Glasses (50 pieces of candy, Level 5 and Up)
  • The Butcher Hat (50 pieces of candy)

The Secret Prize Edit

This is how you could find the hidden prize.

  1. Go to Farmer Ned's Barn
  2. Walk on top of the pile of hay.
  3. Move your mouse over the wall.
  4. Collect your Halloween Bat T-Shirt

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, there is currently no indication of a Free Gift, but it says there will be a prize hidden somewhere on pandanda on Halloween Day!
  • The music is a mix of many types of genres. (This includes some rock.)