Famous Pandas can be found in random places around Pandanda.

List Edit

Walk-about Famous Pandas Edit

These pandas can be found around Pandanda at certain times.

Moderators Edit

Moderators are considered famous. Here is a list of all the Moderators you can find in Pandanda: BeanieGemmzaHarpJameseyJinxseyJozie JuleMaxxwellMoonGlowMoonieMuzesterOllieePandaGuideSammieeSkippers Moderators keep Pandanda safe by reading reports, and watching out for pandas breaking the rules. They can also give out Panda Gold. Moderators spend half their time on Pandanda in steath mode. This means you can't see them, but they can see you. Moderators can also go into locked treehouses.

Beta TestersEdit

See main article: Beta Testing
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