Panda Colors are available at the Clothing Co. for only 50 coins each. Any one can buy colors. Each color enables Pandas to freely change colors after buying them. Also, Pandas are able to select, and keep a color from the Panda creation. There are currently 11 available colors to buy, with 5 special colors, though only obtainable during a special event, and most being Elite Member only.

Catalog Colors Edit

Catalog colors are found in the current Catalog. They are in the first page.

Special Colors Edit

  • Gold, during a week before launch if you had ten tickets you could trade them in for the color Gold.


  • Dark Purple, was Zing's prize a few months later after Beta closed.
  • Dark Blue, could be traded for 10 tickets from Zing Ballyhoo.
  • Black, during the Halloween '10 party. If you had 25 pieces of candy you could trade them for the color Black. (Elite Members only)
  • Spiceberry, during the Festival of Friendship, if you collected 50 friendship bracelets. (Elite Members only)
  • Christmas Spirit was released during the Winter Festival. (Elite Members only)
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